About last week: 29th September 2019

After sketching a few storyboards to help support a business case (intentionally vague) I worked with the team to create a series of metrics based on the user journey from last week. By retrospectively calculating the metrics based on the last few weeks of user activity, we were able to identify underperforming points in the user journey and dedicate our time to removing friction from those points.

With a few adjustments, I followed a Medium article by Lennon Cheng to create a work log using a Notion database. I've included details of a few projects but, while it seems promising, I'm more concerned with my ability to keep the log up to date. I'm noticing that consistently making time for things that matter is more important than how you do those things (including the tools used).

On that note, I've been thinking more broadly about "time well spent" in general. How do I know what I am spending my time on, and whether those things are serving me? Nothing to share at this point - just putting it out there.

I worked on finishing (and successfully testing) the electronics on my dirt bike project. After a few nights hunched over in a sea of wiring diagrams, kicking it over and seeing the lights reacting to the corresponding controls was extremely satisfying. With a few remaining parts on order, I'm well on track.