About last week: 28th July 2019

The intensity of last week (not to mention a course of prescription anti-inflamatories and a cortisone shot into my knee) left me feeling somewhat under the weather for the majority of the week.

Nevertheless, I was able to focus on preparing for and facilitating the first of a series of problem validation interviews for my main project, which will continue into the coming weeks. As is often the case (particularly where a project seems destined to challenge some long held assumptions) there was a certain level of discomfort in the team (what if we find out our assumptions were wrong?), and so on Monday I made space with the team to walk through the process and what we could expect. I also shared an article by Ash Maurya which I felt captured the discomfort, helping the team feel that they weren't alone. By the end of the week we had completed 4 interviews, with more scheduled next week.

Over the weekend, I helped a friend reorganise a good portion of his workshop - he builds amazing drums, and is making space for a spray booth so that he can do his own painting. I often find myself gravitating towards the opportunity to build things with my hands - whether putting up shelves, or crafting a rocking bicycle for my nephew's first birthday (a recent project). Exhaustion, dust, and a few beers put me to sleep on the lounge that evening early but satisfied.