About last week: 21st July 2019

This was a big week, with my main project finishing an engagement with a major client. This provided the opportunity to take stock of what we’d learnt throughout the engagement and plan our next steps. It was an extremely gratifying process to be a part of, seeing customer feedback directly impacting product strategy, but one which necessitated long periods of time in poorly lit, oxygen deprived rooms. I’m excited to see how this continues into next week, as we start looking to validate some of our ideas.

I didn’t have an opportunity to focus on much else, making the most of the time I had to rest and prepare for the next day. This meant that the Oppo website - which I was hoping to have finalised and launched during the week - will have to wait until next week.

After an appointment with a sports doctor on Monday morning for a persisting knee injury, I did manage to build a quick MVP of a symptom tracking app using a Google Sheet and Glide (which I mentioned last week). It took me all of 45 minutes (a one-way commute for me - Glide apologised that it wasn’t faster) plus a bit of tidy up for basic authentication, logging symptoms against different parts of the body, and tracking symptoms that require a follow up. I’d love to add reminders to check up on symptoms, but will most likely just use it for a while to see how it works.