About last week: 27th October 2019

I continued with the onboarding experience from last week, focusing on the next steps of the account creation process. As usual, I held a design review with the team, providing an opportunity for feedback and building alignment. Normally these are held in person, with the designs printed and posted to the wall and feedback captured on post-it notes. This time, as the team are under pressure, I decided to hold a virtual design review, recording a walkthrough and explanation of the designs and sharing with a link to an InVision prototype to capture feedback. This allowed the team to provide feedback in their own time, and seems to have been appreciated.

I also kicked off a project with a new client, after an initial briefing a few weeks ago. I worked my way through a shared folder with details I had requested in the briefing, and developed an approach. We kicked off the project officially on Thursday, walking through the existing user journey in more detail.

On Friday, I was happy to join the Product Leaders Club Meetup to hear from David Webb, Deepesh Banerji, and Gavin Rae on personal development and mental health. Thanks to Gavin for leading the PLC and organising the meetup, and the team at Deputy for hosting.

I added a contact page to my website, having previously relied on a mailto: link. If you're reading this, try it out! I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday was Belle and my second wedding anniversary. Unfortunately Belle wasn't feeling well; we caught a movie, but delayed any major celebrations until another weekend when she's feeling better.