About last week: 13th October 2019

The week started out with a public holiday on Monday, which I spent with a friend finding our way to the bottom of Gerringong Falls - a waterfall in Budderoo National Park. The 16km (mostly fire trail) return cycle to the top of the falls was a challenge for my knee in and of itself, let alone the 2.5 hour hike to the bottom and back. Nonetheless, it was more than worth it and I seem to have recovered quickly.

I had an initial briefing with a potential new client - a small project, but always nice to meet with someone off the back of a referral. After focusing on one client for most of the last 12 months I was a bit rusty, but it felt good nonetheless.

Making the most of the energy I gained from this briefing, I began working on the next section of my website which should be ready next week.

The remainder of the week was spent focused on the business case I mentioned previously (still intentionally vague).

The parts I was waiting on for my bike arrived, and I dropped it into the Rising Sun Workshop on Sunday, ready for a week in the workshop next week.