About last week: 17th November 2019

During the week, I wrapped up a small project I've been working on - some updates to the onboarding experience of the client's iOS App. I'll share the details once the updates go live, some time next week.

I published some work I did with UNICEF Australia, a user research project we started at Velvet Onion which we were lucky enough to continue with Oppo Studio and implement some of our recommendations.

I also shared a quick riff off an idea in an article by Anne Helen Petersen considering how your own actions (for example, sending an email at 9pm on a Saturday) can create burnout in others. It's fairly unlikely that Google would consider implementing a feature like this, however I could see this being fairly easy to implement as a browser plugin. If you like this, and want to help bring it into the world, let me know on Twitter, or get in touch!

Finally, the brake light switch which I was waiting on last week arrived. After a 30 second installation, I took the bike to the mechanic, passed the inspection, and went to pick up my number plate. Roadworthy and registered, I went for a ride to the beach through the national park on Friday afternoon.