About last week: 8th December 2019

I met with a new friend (we were introduced by a mutual friend a few weeks ago, although it turns out we have crossed paths before) who runs a customer research and digital product agency in Sydney. It was fun swapping stories, and hearing about how they approach projects (they are strong proponents of the lean UX approach).

On Wednesday, I joined a small group kicking off an initiative promoting mental health in the tech community. This initial meeting was an opportunity to discuss the importance of mental wellness, and some of the challenges facing the tech community in this respect. Thanks to Gavin from Tiga for organising the group, and to all who attended for sharing your thoughts.

My sore throat progressed throughout the week, leaving me essentially out of action for the week from Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday afternoon, I received a phone call with an opportunity to help with a project. I'm not able to share details yet, but we'll be meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss.

We spent Saturday and Sunday night away to attend a friend's wedding. There were bushfires quick close by, but we were lucky that the wind was blowing in the right direction and kept the smoke away.