About last week: 19th January 2020

As with last week, the week was spent finalising the details for some virtual reality testing scheduled to begin a week from now. Participants have been finalised - a particularly difficult recruitment brief requiring the coordination of participants across three experiences, each required to attend two sessions during the week at particular times.

Finding ourselves ahead of schedule, we were able to invest additional time into some of the physical props required for the second session. I spent a day building a faux wall cavity out of some old shipping pallets and copper piping. Although this could be seen as excessive, I believe it will enhance both the research and the research outputs. You can see a WIP here, finished product once the project is finished.

On Thursday morning, I had the opportunity to visit the Facebook office in Sydney. I had to sign something before they would let me into the building so I'm not sure exactly what I can share, but they've offered to help with a project and their office was very nice.

Later that day, I met with a potential client about a new project that I'm very excited about. The meeting went well, and I'm hoping to meet with some more of the team over the next week.