About last week: 1st March 2020

Two weeks ago I kicked off a new project with a client. The discovery phase had been completed previously, and we're now looking to begin building the foundations of a long overdue new platform. Although this is a client engagement I've essentially joined the project as a member of the project team, and it's proving to be a tumultuous but fascinating time to join - there are a number of balls in the air at any given time (strategic decisions, technical challenges, etc.), each one implicating the others, and it's unclear which will be the first to drop.

Much of these two weeks were spent becoming familiar with the client and the discovery phase, understanding the priorities and dependencies of each piece of work, and finding a logical starting point. Working through these details - determining which questions are worth raising and pursuing and which would be better left for another moment - has been challenging at times, and could easily bring the project to a standstill. I'm hoping that finding a starting point - however small - will provide a focal point for us to start working through these questions as they become relevant.