About last week: 1st December 2019

I started the week having coffee with a friend. We met at CBA, working in different areas of the business but collaborating on projects. Our paths seem to be converging somewhat in terms of our interests and perspectives on mental health - it was great to catch up and hear what she's been up to.

I had a few meetings throughout the week; initial discussions to learn more about projects they're working on, and how I might be able to help. As I mentioned previously, it's quite a challenge thinking about myself as an individual practitioner again, something which became more apparent in these discussions. After 4 years leading research and design at Velvet Onion and Oppo Studio (where describing projects as "we" as opposed to "l" was important in recognising the team's effort and seen as an asset) I need to be more specific about my role in a project.

Later in the week, started helping a friend repair and repaint his house, in preparation for their daughter's arrival. By Saturday night, we had finished one room, with another ready for painting this week. As I'm writing this, I have quite a sore throat - perhaps we should have been more careful with the dust masks.